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8" Deco Light Cube, Color Change LEDs + Battery Operated


Style #: 15128-12179

Product Code: HAL-15128-12179

Estimated Lead Time: 5 day(s). Lead time does not include shipping time.

Minimum Order Quantity: 8

8" Light Cubes are perfect for event decor & branding. Have sponsors for your gala? Put their name on dozens of Light Cubes around the venue! Want to display tasty treats and lovely prizes? Use these to do so. All it takes is a logo, some modern taste, and a little imagination. Remove the pull tab and hold the On/Off Button on the bottom of the cube light. When it turns on, the 1st function is a very slow & hypnotic color change, then click the button for 7 solid light functions + 1 blinky color change that scrolls through every color. Hold the button to turn it off as well. Blank or imprinted.

RepeatSetupCharge: 50.000

UnitsPerCarton: 4